What is it anyway? Numerology is the science which recognizes the potential and the spirituality hidden in our names and the digits comprising them. It applies numbers to letters and determines the character, life experiences and ultimate goal of the individual bearing the name. A scientist writes H2O and understands the symbol. The numerologist writes Joe 165 or (12) 3 and is able to interpret the nature and activity which the symbol represents.

Few people are conscious of the degree to which names and numbers influence all human communication and progress. Everything is named and numbered. Houses have numbers - as do telephones. Streets have names which can be converted to numbers. All the elements of our daily lives have names and numbers. We live in a mathematical world and don't pay any attention to it. In the same way, our names are numbered. Every letter of the alphabet has a number corresponding to its position and its relationship to the alphabet as a whole.

Find out what your names and numbers say about you. 
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The dream of riches and of service to humanity lies deep in the heart of each one of us. It is a natural and spiritual urge of the soul. Outstanding attainment and the best life has to offer is the right of everyone of us. No one person gets all the breaks all the time. They belong to all of us. Just how is hidden in each person's name. The way is there - it only needs to be discovered.

Character analysis using this ancient science gives each one of us a picture of who we are. It gives us a blueprint of the potentials we were born to fulfill and shows the way to success and the best life has to offer. Life brings each one of us tests and lessons to learn but not one of us was born just to struggle through our entire lifetime. Only if we don't understand our potential and where our grace comes from does that happen.

Happiness, success and the joy of life comes to each of us when we follow the destiny written in our names. If we understand it, we can put it to work for us.

If you feel like you want to broaden and deepen your understanding of this science, please feel free to start your own discussion in the comment box below. 

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